Vintage, Classic Auto Parts For Sale All Makes And Models. We Also Offer Media Blasting Services.

Build Your Dream Car

Find all the vintage partsyou need to complete your classic car at Sterling Classic Auto Parts. We have a large selection of NOS (new, old, stock), and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts for you to choose from.


What We Offer

Sterling Classic Auto Parts specializes in vintage auto parts made between the 1930s through the 1970s from all major manufacturors at that time, including GM, Ford, Mopar and more. Our inventory includes a wide range of parts needed to complete your classic car. These include NOS, a variety of restored and refinished parts, vintage interior and exterior parts, mechanical and engine parts. Occasionally we come across and sell inventory for newer muscle and collectible cars.

We offer reasonably priced media or sandblasting refinishing services, even if the part is not purchased from Sterling Classic Auto Parts. Please contact us for a quote. Prices vary depending upon the parts and complexity of the project.

Our Policies

We test all of our parts prior to restoration and sale. NOS are sold complete with the original box and instructions when available. We do not fix electrical issues on customer's parts. If we do not have a part that you are looking for in stock please contact us to see if we have it in the warehouse or are able to get it for you. Sterling Classic Auto Parts takes great pride in the restoration process and in customer service. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for any reason. Some prices may be negotiable - please connect with us to make an offer.

Selling parts or know someone who is? Referrals are appreciated. We are always buying 1973 and older parts in any condition.

Thank you and please enjoy the site. For comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Contact us in St. John's, Canada, to learn more about our refurbished parts for classic cars.


Our inventory is constantly changing so if you do not see your part please check back often!

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Debt. On the planet of private finance, debt is a phrase that is filthy. An abstraction of bad itself, its sinful, carnal. Growing up, I had been always trained to prevent debt whenever possible. My parents taught me the only reason you need to actually get into debt is for personal debt debt, never for a home or training. However frequently, debt seems necessary. Like when purchasing a vehicle for instance. Just how many folks really can afford to spend money to get a vehicle? I suggest, at least to get a a vehicle that is new.

Well, we are preparing to purchase a vehicle. We have been been preserving to get several years, using flow every where while our friends zip around in Volkswagens and their Mazdas we move, obtaining to place their groceries on their temps, not in their own shoe. It's not really been enjoyable, but by making this compromise, we have managed to save yourself big money cash.

But, as much cash as we have preserved, we do not have really enough for the car that we have been been looking a-T. To be able to acquire an automobile consequently, one of many opportunities that people have regarded was entering debt. As much time as we can get a fee that is decent, so that as much time as we we could easily spend the money for repayment, so when much time as it will not tremendously improve our debt-load we absolutely believe that it might be worthwhile.

Our trip to the bank

Our first action was to move to our local lender in what kind of alternatives were available to us and inquire about. The bank supervisor sat down us and we could own a great little discussion with him on what options we'd. Straight away, he informed us that we're able to possibly get a type of an automobile loan or credit. We're preparing to purchase a vehicle, but probably do not have enough cash. Therefore we visited the lender to speak of a type of a vehicle loan, credit and simple mathematics.

There's one thing that you should always remember: No matter how bad your credit is, there are still options for you that don't involve ridiculously expensive rates. New Car Canada specializes in Bad Credit Car Loans Canada. What's more, you don't need a down payment or cosigner to get approved. Simply submit your application online and wait for you approval within 24 hours. Apply for free and get approved for up to $40,000 car financing.

Each has their advantages and disadvantages. A type of credit is turning, meaning for whatever we utilize, we just need to spend on the interest that people spend, and we are able to move forth and back between paying off it and investing the funds. The automobile loan, however, is a one-time offer, and you are established on a repayment program which pays both principal and the interest. The point of credit can be as much as 25% of our net-worth, as well as the automobile loan will be guaranteed on the worthiness of the automobile. The point of credit is significantly tougher to meet the qualifications for. S O we offered him a review of our funds, he leaped a creditcheck onus, and we rapidly removed the entire?line of credit choice as our web worth is sort of in the damaging (many thanks, figuratively speaking).

Nevertheless, he accepted us to get a car loan of $5000, and offered us a rate of 8.25%, which certainly isn't horrible, but isn't really what we were hoping for. This is a base-line, if nothing else, but. Something to work off of. Among the options that we've is applying for funding via a car dealership, so we've a negotiating instrument on our side. They will need to beat the funding that people already have in order to get their financing division to be gone through by us, and I need every tool that is possible on my side before I actually walk through the door in regards to dealing with automobile dealers.

Bad advice and even worse math

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Now, I know that as a bank supervisor, it is his job to get us to offer him as much of our funds as possible. But this is one step from an obvious lie, and because he created it seem like this was something we have to do this might be depending on on whether he actually gave us the mortgage, I felt as though it was a rather dirty tactic to use on a young couple that may not have exactly the same personal finance knowledge that I did..

Today, I understand that as a bank manager, it is his work to get us to offer him as much of our funds as possible. But it was one step away from an outright lie, and because he created it seem like this was some thing we must do this would be depending on on whether or not he actually offered us the loan, I felt as though it was quite a dirty strategy to use on a couple that might not get the exact same personal finance knowledge that I used to.

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